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Lorrie Tannahill: Welcome to Horsin Around Riding Ranch

Horseback Riding Lessons
Kids Birthday Party Rides (Adults To!)

Welcome To
Horsin Around Riding Ranch
445 Callaghan Rapids Road;
Marmora, Ontario
Farm:     613-472-2332
TEXT ONLY: 613-849-2332

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We have 15 horses and ponies which we have brought in as rescues and give them lifetime homes.  Horses that were headed for slaughter because owners couldn't feed them anymore, or who turned nasty because the owners were inexperienced and didn't know how to handle them. Ponies that children out-grew and were no longer wanted.  Several people have asked us how they can donate towards their feed.  A bale of hay is $3.00 (each horse eats 1 bale per day), a bag of grain is $17.00, the farrier is $30.00, etc.  Although we do not openly or activily ask for donations, should someone want to purchase a bale of hay for one of these horses or ponies, we would sure appreciate it!  Our hay bill last year was $29,000 so any help would sure go a long way to bringing down that cost so we can take in another who needs us.  Unfortunately, we turned away 23 horses this winter.  We just couldn't afford to help any more. 


Beginners - July 5, 6, 7  (1 spot remaining)
  Intermediate - July 12, 13, 14 (this camp is full)
Ages 9-13
- All healthy and homemade meals, served buffet style,  which are to the liking of even the pickiest eaters. We serve fresh cut fruit and salads at every meal
- All our time is spent with our horses (we have 45) with a quick lunch break at the river to cool off and another dip after dinner. 
- The last day of camp, riders show off their new skills to their parents and can introduce them to their favourite horses.  No special expensive equipment is required for our camps. 
$295.00 - A $100 deposit is required to hold your spot

Please email for our flyer and full list of our "horse" activities
This is a HORSE camp and is designed for girls who have a passion for horses and can't get enough time with them.  We are with the horses for the full 3 days.
(Grooming, Bareback Riding, Trail Riding, Jumping, Gaming, Learning)
please email lorrie@horsinaroundfun.com for a registration flyer and registration form.


* * * * * * * * *

Cougar Camp Has Been Such A Huge Success We Are Running 2 This Year!

July 24, 25, 26 (12 spots still available)
August 7, 8, 9, 2015 (2 spots still available)

Enjoy a weekend of Horses, Homemade Buffet Meals with Farm Fresh Meats and Eggs, Swimming, Manicures and Pedicures, Horsemanship Clinic with Adam Brown, Belly Dancing Lesson, Personal Servants To Meet Your Every Need.
- If you are a woman who needs a weekend away, enjoys having fun and being a kid again with a bunch of like minded women, this camp is for you!
Please Note:  Last year our camp booked up within 2 days.  We have added an additional week this year.
$260.00 (all in)
$100.00 deposit

WE LOVE DOGS!  But our Great Pyrenees, who is a livestock protection dog, does not know the difference between a pet and a preditor.  So we don't have any dog fights, we have to ask that you keep your pets safe at home - thank you.



Arrive at the farm and help brush and tack your horse
Receive a mini lesson on riding your horse
Ride through some real back trails, along the railway bed, and hay fields
Stop for lunch at the Crow River - Callaghan Rapids
Enjoy a small glass of wine, a selection of fresh fruits & cheese, homemade salads, breads/biscuits, homemade desserts ++
We then mount up and continue our ride back to the farm

Approximately 3 1/2 to 4 hours from the time you arrive

Minimum number of people for this ride is 4 riders
($95 per person, all in)

(We can accommodate 2 riders but the cost would be $190 each)

Make it the perfect day or weekend by adding:
- A boat cruise through Beaver Creek and Crowe Lake
- An overnight accommodation at a local B&B or KOA campground
(see our packages page)


If you are looking for a place to trail ride that is different from all the rest, you have found it! 

2 hours from Toronto - 2 hours from Markham
90 minutes from Oshawa -  50 minutes from Peterborough

1 hour/45 min from Kingston - 50 minutes from Belleville
20 minutes from Stirling - 20 minutes from Madoc


* * * * * * * * *
Our 45 horses and ponies are family members first, and have been with us for many years.  Some as long as 9 to 24 years.  They all enjoy being on the trail as you will see when you arrive because we do our best to ensure they enjoy the ride as much as you will!  Therefore, we do things a little different than most riding facilities. 

First, we do not use bits on our horses.  Those are the metal pieces people put in a horses mouth.  We allow our horses to eat on the trail and believe the ride is much more enjoyable for them if they don't have a chunk of metal between their teeth.  This is just our personal preference. 

Our horses are very important to us, so we only use ORTHOFLEX (Ortho flex) saddles on them - which means there is never an issue with our horses rushing back to the barn, you never have to deal with a horse throwing it's head in your face or going down the trail with his/her ears pinned back.   Even though these saddles are $2,000 to $4,000 EACH, the panels move with the horses back and movement and therefore, they are never sore.  These saddles cost a lot more than the average $350 western saddle most places use on their horses, but we believe our horses deserve the best and our riders enjoy riding a happy horse! 

It is also important to note, we only allow each horse to take out a maximum of 2 rides per day, 4 days per week, so booking early if you would like to ride at a specific time or day is Strongly advised to avoid disappointment.  Honestly, we do book quickly in the summer months!  It never hurts to try last minute though in case we have a cancellation.


Is there something else we can do before/after we go for a ride? Bring along your water shoes and visit Callaghan Rapids which is 1.2km down the road from us!  The water is clear and clean and great for young children to as part is only just above knee deep from one side to the other.  The older folk can sit under the rapids or swim all day long.  Bring a floating devise, walk up the river and then float your way back down again!  We put our chairs right in the water and use the rocks sticking up as tables for our fresh fruit and fancy drinks.  Who needs to go to the islands?  We have it right here!  Water shoes are recommended as it can be slippery in places.  THIS IS A WONDERFUL FAMILY LOCATION SO WE ASK THAT YOU KEEP IT CLEAN AND SAFE FOR EVERYONE'S USE. PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY GLASS OR SHARP OBJECTS INTO THE AREA.

There is also fishing at the twin bridges so bring your gear and plan to spend a peaceful and relaxing day! 

BOAT CRUISE: If you would like to cruise Beaver Creek and Crowe Lake, you can book a a 90 minute (or longer) relaxing boat cruise on a beautiful pontoon boat with Doug!  www.crowelakecruises.com

Do we need to book in advance?  We will never leave our horses in the barn and saddled "in case" someone wants to ride.  Therefore, you do need to call ahead for 2 reasons.  1) to ensure we have a booking available  2) if we do to ensure your horses will be ready for you when you arrive.

What do we need to bring?  Long pants and Closed Toe TIE UP shoes such as running shoes.  No open toe or slip on shoes of any kind please!

Do we need our own helmets?  We provide ASTM approved riding helmets.  Bike helmets are not suitable for riding as they are not approved by the equestrian testing facility.

How Can We Pay? At this time, we are not big enough to warrant any type of credit card or debit machine so cash only is accepted or you are welcome to send an email money transfer to lorrie.t8@hotmail.com   

Do We Get To Run On The Trail?  Do you know how to ride?  REALLY Well?  Can you post on a horse?  Many people have been on the "nose to tail" trail rides where the lead horse trotted or cantered and the rest followed.  When that horse stopped, so did the rest.  Our horses are NOT like that!  They are more than happy to pick up the pace... but you need to know how to stop them again or they will just keep on going.  As well, "posting" on a horse is very important to ensure the rider is not "banging" on their backs.  Yes, the riders might think it is great fun, but I can assure you the horse is hurting.  Our horses mean everything to us and I will never ask them to endure any form of uncomfort for anyone.  If you do know how to ride, really well, we are happy to pick up the pace.  However, that means you know how to post and can show us you are capable of being able to stop the horse on your own at faster speeds.  If you have any other questions around the pace of our rides, please feel free to contact me.

Can My Child Under 10 Years Of Age Go On The Trail Ride?  As stated above, we do not over use our horses and our ride is NOT similar to riding one of the horses you may have ridden in the South (Dominican/Cuba) or another riding stable.  A small child does not have the mental ability or the physical strength to control a full grown 1,000lb horse.  That is why we offer a very special opportunity for the younger kids.  Our Cowpoke Adventure!  (We may make an exception for a child who is 9 and will follow instruction well.  If we find the child is unable to ride on the trail on their own, safely, we will bring the group back to the barn).

Cowpoke Adventure - Farm Tour:  While we are on the trail, children under the age of 10 learn to groom and saddle a horse/pony, learn how to lead, and then stop and steer their pony/horse all on their own.  They then go for their own ride with one of our wonderful staff closely beside them in case they need assistance. The "Regular" Ride takes them through 2 of our hay fields and back again or you can choose the "Extended" ride which includes 3 hay fields and a jaunt along the Trans Canada Trail. 

After their ride, they are taken on a tour of the farm.  They meet the donkeys and the llama, some of our other horses, pot belly pigs, they help with chores and collect eggs.  This adventure can take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on the number of children in the group and how quickly they want to move through the animals.  We do not put a time limit on this day because we want it to be a great family memory for everyone!

(Our free range, fruit/vegetable fed chickens lay beautiful brown eggs which we sell for $3.50 dozen and we also have our own free range, pasture fed, hormone/steroid/medication free chicken for sale).

1 Child Under the age of 16        $30.00.  Adults are free 
2 or more Chidlren Under the age of 16   $25.00 each   Adults are free

If you would like the "Extended Pony Ride" Add $10.00 to the above prices, per rider. (SEE BELOW)

 *** NEW *** By great request, we have added a longer pony ride to the to our CowPoke Adventure!  For the little riders who just can't get enough of the horses, we now have an extended pony ride.  Everything else will remain the same, but this ride will take the kids around our boarders field, through the hay field, along the Trans Canada Trail and back through our side hay field for a super long ride!   Please add an additional $10.00 per rider for this extra time in the saddle.

Can My Child Ride With Me On The Horse I Am Riding? 
You have to remember we are on a live animal.  If your horse spooks at a deer or wild turkey in the bush, you need your full concentration and and your hands to control it.  If you have a young child on the horse with you, it is impossible to hold the child and control the horse.  Saddles are also only suited for 1 person which means 2 people in the saddle make it very uncomfortable for the horse as your weight is being placed where it shouldn't be when you make room for the second rider. 

Is There A Weight Restriction?  The majority of our horses are 14.3 hands high (or about 4' 8" at the bottom of their mane at their shoulder).  A saddle weighs between 20 to 28 pounds depending on which saddle we use.  So, yes, we do have a weight limit for our animals.  We do have a very wonderful Percheron who has a heart as big as she is.  Zoey is 17 hands high, who can accommodate larger riders, however 230lbs is the most I will ask her to carry.  We ask that you respect these are animals and their comfort on the trail is very important to us.  Please advise if anyone in your group is over 170lbs so we can ensure we have a horse available who is suitable to carry you.


* * * * * * * *

For immediate reply, please TEXT (only) 613-849-2332 or email directly to my phone at lorrie@horsinaroundfun.com .



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