(Fund Raiser - June through October - for our Retired Horse's Hay Requirements. As our horses get a little older, we don't ask them to spend as much time out on the trail, but their feed requirements and care costs remain the same - and actually can get more expensive with their "geriatric" needs.  We have started this campsite in hopes people will enjoy the stress free and relaxing atmosphere while helping us to keep our Geriatric friends happy and healthy)

We are offering 8 sites in our pine forest this year

4 Seasonal sites in our Mixed Woods Bush
(Make your own site!!)

- Lots of space between sites in a private setting
- The pines tend to be 10 degrees cooler
- Bugs are usually minimal in the pine bush
- 2 brand new outhouses
- 1 brand new solar bag shower building
- 1000 liter water tank available for your washing needs - (Please bring your own DRINKING water)

- Sites available with corrals (2 horse and 3 horse sizes)
- Cabin Rental (Simple, 12x12 with double bed))
 - We are directly on the Trans Canada Trail
- Close to the Heritage Trail
- ATV accessible
- Horse Trails as well as horse/buggy trails on the Trans Canada trail
- Minutes to Crowe River Twin Bridges and Callaghan Rapids
- Swimming, fishing, relaxing at the water
- Mount Bikes available for rent or with select sites
- Hammocks available for rent
- Military Cots and an oversized cot available for rent
- Charcoal BBQ for rent or with select sites
- Fire pits (free pine wood)
- LOTS of walking, biking, ATV, horseback riding trails
- Trail Rides with us can be booked during your stay, but it is advised to book as soon as possible to ensure we can get you in.
- Sign up to help with the morning or evening chores
- Breakfast available (farm fresh eggs, meats, produce IF ORDERED AT TIME OF BOOKING.
- Cooler Packages Available (farm fresh meats, eggs, homemade baking and snacks, full meals - IF ORDERED AT TIME OF BOOKING.)
- Picnic lunches available (for our campers)
- Pet friendly - as long as your pets are kept on a leash AT ALL TIMES and do not disturb other campers
- Please remember, we are a working farm and it is not a safe place for unsupervised children.  We ask parents to be with their children at all times and they are respectful of our animals and property. (i.e., chasing chickens, sticking their hands in with our pigs or going in with the horses is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! If we see children running around without supervision, we will have to ask the family to leave the farm for everyone's safety. 

If you are someone who loves to camp, but hates the running around 2 days before, packing the car, stopping at 3 stores along the way only to arrive and realize you have forgotten something, you will LOVE our FULL package deal!  You bring your sleeping bag and clothes, towels and we supply the rest!  No time spent packing the car.  Pack up 15 minutes before you need to leave.  Spend your vacation vacationing! 

$30 per night (all inclusive) 

$50 per night (all inclusive) for the 12x12 cabin with a double bed


FOR THE 3 HORSE CORRAL (Cedar rails nailed and bolted to existing trees under full shade 100% of the time)

$10 for 1 horse per night
$15 for 2 horses per night
$20 for 3 horses per night


$10 for 1 horse per night
$15 for 2 horses per night
(Cedar rails nailed to existing trees under full shade 100% of the time)

A website is currently being created, but if you would like to book now, just send a text to 613-849-2332 or email to book your spot!


445 Callaghan Rapids Rd, Marmora, ON K0K 2M0, Canada

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