Summer is almost here and so are our Girls Riding Camp Dates, as well as Farm Scouts Camps for boys and girls ages 5 to 8! Creating Memories that will last a lifetime at Horsin Around Riding Ranch.

Young Farm Scouts Camp, Boys and Girls Ages 5-8

Tuesday, July 5

Wednesday, July 6

Thursday, July 7

Friday, July 8

Monday, August 22

Tuesday, August 23

ATTENTION ALL YOUNG FARM SCOUTS! Parents have been asking for us to put something together for their younger kids similar to what we have done for our March Break camps and we think we have the ultimate day planned!

Boys and Girls

Ages: 5 to 8

Time: 9am to 3pm

Farm Scouts will learn all about the work involved on a farm as well as how much fun we have there too! We will start our day off with feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, learning why the eggs are green, olive, brown, beige, blue, dark brown, white and pink. How long it takes for a chicken to "make" an egg inside their body and how to keep them happy so they lay lots of eggs. Turkey hugs are a favourite and can't be missed. We will feed the cows together and we will hopefully have 2 calves early in July if Cora cooperates with our schedule! A wagon ride through the horses so we can throw them apples is always a crowd pleaser and of course, learning to brush the horses and ponies before heading out on a pony ride is always a favourite as well. We are hoping to have a couple lambs and piglets for the camps too. We will also do some nature walks through our pine forest, roasting marshmallows, water games for a quick cool off and of course we can't forget about snacks and lunch, which will be provided. We will do our best to vary each day so kids who are attending multiple days can experience something new each time.

Cost: $50 (total) per day per child

Please bring: Snacks, Lunch, durable and reusable water bottle with *name on it* (Please don't send single use disposable water bottles), sunscreen, bug spray, ball cap, change of clothes, bathing suit and towel, and any medication if required in a labeled zip lock bag.

2022 Girls Kids Camp Dates

July 12, 13, 14 

July 19, 20, 21

July 26, 27, 28

August 9, 10, 11

August 16, 17, 18


ALL GIRLS HORSE/FARM - DAY - CAMP: (Please share to your page to help us get this out if you don't mind) 2020 Marks our 21st year at our farm and offering trail rides, pony rides, kids camps and riding lessons. That time has sure gone by fast! We are hoping for the best this year too! Over night camps will not be permitted this year, but there is a possibility day camps will be allowed to take place. In hopes we can move forward with our plans in July, we are going to book girls in, however, if we need to cancel due to the current restrictions, a FULL refund of your deposit will be made.

Location: Horsin Around Riding Ranch
445 Callaghan Rapids Road; Marmora, Ontario

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Ages: 9 to 13

Please bring: Lunch and snack
Water bottle with name on it
Towel/bathing suit/sunscreen/water shoes
Long pants (tights/stretch pants for riding)
Secure Closed toe running/hiking shoe for riding
(please note -flimsy tennis type shoes are not
safe. If you are unsure, please send us a picture)


This year our camp will look a little different. Our day will start with the girls meeting some of our farm animals and assisting with the feeding and watering of them as well as collecting eggs each day.  This year we have 10+ cows and expecting a July calf. 

Girls will spend time with the horses learning how to brush as well as lead and ride bareback. They will also learn how to ride in a saddle with correct positioning of stirrups. Depending on their abilities we may be able to leave the enclosed area we teach in and go out on a trail ride the second and third day. (ASTM approved helmets are provided for all horse activities)

We are also hoping we will be able to spend a bit of time at the river for a cool off. (if this is permitted, girls are welcome to bring river floating items).

Cost: $300 (total)
$300 deposit can be sent to lorrie.t8@hotmail.com or by cash at the farm. As soon as we receive your deposit, your spot will be confirmed.

We will be paying extra close attention to hand washing\sanitizing as well as sanitizing of equipment, etc. during our camp. We have a washing station set up that girls will be asked to use several times a day.

We look forward to another incredible 3 days with the girls and hope for some good news soon.

Stay safe everyone!