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LESSONS  *Lesson program is currently FULL* 

Being able to canter through a green field in the summer is the most wonderful experience.  It is almost like being able to fly.... Unless.... you feel like you are going to fall off!  If you feel that way, it is because you are not balanced and, therefore, you are not "one" with the horse.

At Horsin Around, we believe the ONLY way for a rider to get that true sense of balance, and how to become "one" with the horse, is to learn to ride a horse without a saddle.  Bareback riding teaches the rider to move with the horse and stay centered in a natural and proper form.  By following the exercises given, you will feel comfortable at a canter, even if you lose a stirrup! 

Our lessons include instruction in an enclosed area to start, where someone will walk directly beside you and the horse so we can assist you immediately if you feel you need help or require the horse to stop.  As your ability progresses, we take the lesson out on the trail so you can see how the things you are learning come into play once you are out in the open.   OR if you prefer, you can continue your lessons and perfect your English riding, Western Riding or Jumping skills.  We can also assist you with the skills and knowledge required for Competitive Trail Riding including how to take your horses vital signs and what they all mean.

We compare riding a horse in an enclosed area similar to driving a car in a parking lot.  Just because you can do that, doesn't mean you will be successful on the highway!  Riding out on the trail is a completely different experience that requires completely different kind of  knowledge and way of thinking. 

Lessons average between 45 minutes and 90 minutes depending on the lesson that day and include learning to groom, saddle and lead the horse as well as ride.

PLEASE NOTE:  Children can start their lessons at the age of 8 as long as they have true interest in riding.  To be a good rider, you have to want it more than anything.  You have to have the love for a horse in your heart.  After the first lesson we will share our opinion with you on how we think your child will progress in their lessons.

YOU DO NOT REQUIRE A LOT OF FANCY AND EXPENSIVE CLOTHING!  Just a pair of light stretch pants of some sort and closed toe TIE UP shoes (not slip-ons). However, once you have completed your lessons without a saddle, you will require footwear with a heel of some sort (NOT dress boots please).   We will provide the helmet for a couple lessons but you will need to purchase one within that time that is suited specifically for you. 


Starting at $45.00 per lesson.  Jasmin will very patiently guide you through the process of grooming, haltering, learning how to lead a horse safely, riding bareback and then eventually saddling.  Once you have mastered those things, she will also get you started going over ground poles, cross rails and then very small jumps which can progress into larger ones!  This is a great skill to have in case you come across a log across a trail.  We also teach our lessons on the trail so you get a full feeling of what it is like to own a horse.  Our lessons ensure we cover everything you may experience if you own your own horse.  If you have something special you would like to master, please let us know at the start of your lessons so we can work towards that dream with you.  We specialize in "older" riders who feel they need a big boost in confidence!  Many of our students rode horses in their earlier years and would love to experience it again without being afraid.  If that sounds like you, you have come to the right place. 

IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER...  Learning to ride is something that takes time, consistency and determination.  It is not something we can teach an adult or child in 2-3 lessons.  Because we have many riding students who come on a regular bases, who have first priority at our scheduling times, we are not able to accommodate riders who just want to come for a couple rides.  We can only accept riders who want to continue with their lessons to advance their skills.

If you book a lesson we hold that spot for you.  If you are unable to attend, it is expected you will advise us within 24 hours of the change so we can book in another rider or a trail ride.  



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